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Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions
1) Advance amount paid by customer at the time of booking and 2nd part payments will ne non
refunduble on cancelation at type of cancelation.
2) Tour dates can be postpone or prepone maximum 3 time in a 24 hours notice to customer.
3) Tour documents ( flight tickets, visa, etc) will be issue on the day of travel by tour manager of
your groups. If private tour 24 hours before travel date you will recive.
4) No refund on cancelation of tour after once postpone or preponed the date, in case of act of god
then you can get the credit travalos account and use the money for utilises other travalos product
only by given timeline from company.
5) User should carry valid identification proofs, passport, age proofs as may be required to prove the
identity, nationality and age of the passengers travelling on a ticket, including infants.
6) In the event User does not embark on the onward journey, the entire PNR pertaining to that
booking shall be automatically cancelled by the airline. In such a scenario MMT has no control in the
said process nor will be obligated to provide alternate bookings to the User. The cancellation penalty
in such an event shall be as per the applicable airline rules.
7) The User shall be obligated to pay applicable charges in the event of any alteration or
modification to an existing booking. However, depending on the airline’s policy and fare class,
charges for changes or modifications to existing bookings may vary.
8 ) incase refund approved by Travalos agent then Refunds will be processed as per the airline fare
rules and cancellation policy. Such refunds shall be subject to Travalos receiving the same from the
airlines. However, the convenience fee or Advance paid to Travalos at the time of booking is a non-
refundable fee. Refund will take 19 to 26 Business day for all kinfd of cancelation refunds if aproved
by company. The refund shall be processed after deducting the Travalos service fee which is
independent of the convenience fee as visa, hotel, flight charges. The refund will be credited to the
Bank account only which the payment person made payment or given Bank account details.
In the event of cancellation and refund of partially utilized tickets, upfront discount and promo code
discount availed at the time of booking would be deducted from the refund amount.
9) In case the user has any changes in the flight timings according to their convenient, Will be chargeable.
10) after booking part payment 2nd and final payments must to be before 35 days from travel date has to complete otherwise the booking can be cancel automatically or date can be postpone automatically
11) any documentation problems on passengers on booking and processing time travalos not responsible for travel documents cancel or rejection or delay