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Selected Accommodations

Lemon Tree Hotel Ulsoor Bangalore

0 reviews

Lemon Tree Premier, Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore, located in the city’s vibrant Central Business District, is just off BIEC, M.G. Road.

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0 reviews

Royal Orchid and Regenta Group is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in India with 48 hotels across 34 locations. Renowned for attention to detail and design, Royal Orchid Hotels offers myriad options of business hotels ranging from luxurious 5-star to economy business hotels.

avg/nightINR4300.00 SELECT

Hotel Taj Yeshwantpur Yeshwanthpur

0 reviews

About Taj Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru The legacy of Bengaluru swells with pride and with good reason. Once a stronghold for the British, it has evolved from town to city to megacity and now, India’s Silicon Valley.

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Latest Accommodations

Shoba Inn-Kammanahalli Kamanahalli Bangalore

0 reviews

Shoba Inn is a 10-minute drive from Manyata Tech Park and 15 km from Yeshwantpur Railway Station. Cantonment Railway Station is 8 km away, while Manpho Convention Center is 3 km. Bangalore Airport is 29 km and Banaswadi railway station is 3 km from the accommodation.

avg/nightINR1330.00 SELECT

Hotel Sampradaya mysore road Near Global Village Bangalore

0 reviews

Kanteerava Indoor Stadium is 14 km from the accommodation, while Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is 15 km away. The nearest airport is Kempegowda International, 46 km from Hotel Sampradaya, and the property offers a paid airport shuttle service.

avg/nightINR1.00 SELECT

Adya Classic Bommasandra Hosur Main Road Bangalore

0 reviews

Cubbon Park is 23 km from Adya Classic, while Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is 23 km away. The nearest airport is Kempegowda International Airport, 57 km from the hotel.

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Featured Accommodations

Treehouse Neptune Panaji, Goa

0 reviews

Set in Panaji, 9 km from Calangute, Treehouse Neptune boasts air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi. A TV with satellite channels

avg/nightINR17999.00 SELECT

bloomSuites l Calangute Calangute goa Goa

0 reviews

bloomSuites | Calangute is situated on Calangute-Candolim Road. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Free private parking is available on

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Popular Accommodations

Hotel Grand Bee Yeshwanthpur

0 reviews

Hotel Grand Bee is located within 1 km from Yeshwantpur Railway Station, Yeshwantpur Bus Station and Orion Mall. Free WiFi

avg/nightINR1970.00 SELECT

Tech Hotel 24 Marathalli Ring Road

0 reviews

Bingo Restaurant serves Indian and international dishes, as well as caters for 24-hour room service. This property also has one of the best-rated locations in Bangalore! Guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area. We speak your language!

avg/nightINR2399.00 SELECT

Mumbai House Calangute-Candolim Junction Calangute, North Goa Candolim air port road

0 reviews

Boasting an outdoor swimming pool, bar and views of city, Mumbai House Calangute-Candolim Junction is situated in Calangute, 1.7 km

avg/nightINR999.00 SELECT

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