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Manvith Holiday Club Pvt. Ltd is offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships and brings to the industry values as Reliability, Trust with Customer Satisfaction. Started in 2017, the company’s flagship brand “Travalos”. Today has a fast growing customer base of over members and 30+ resorts at some of the most exotic locations and 400 tourism spots in India.

Travalos with over 450 employees across India, is also among India’s top ten holidays with interests in touring, travels, hotels, & food.

We are helping and providing best services

At Travalos, we are your perfect holiday partner, who anticipates your every need. At travalos, you can invest in a enjoyable time with your family or friends. The recent years has seen the holiday expenses on a rapid raising; As the trend continues, you could be worried that a enjoyable holiday experience could become out-of-reach. With us you can connect with the world in the most meaningful way even during tough times. We understand everything that holds you back from a dream holiday. The club membership opens the largest network of holiday destinations across the globe. Our membership perfectly covers every aspect of your holiday – Accommodation, Food, sightseeing etc…With an amazing network of travalos affiliated hotels and accommodation, you can slip into your favorite traveling experience around the globe. An Travalos, we bring the benefits that makes a difference in your holiday program. An Club Manvith membership allows you to explore the world with no worries or haggles. We take care of every essential expenditure, while you relax into the atmosphere. We strive to create amazing experiences that you can recall for the rest of your life’s.

Our Core Values

  • Ensure Customer safety and Best in class quality travel experience.
  • Respect and strive to fulfill Customer expectations.
  • To value customer feedback, by tailoring to suit customer needs.
  • To provide a delightful travel experience.

Manvith Holidays Club

Make 150 Resort in good condition with good service within next 5 years.
All tourist spots in India (approx 1820 places) to add in Manvith club in next 5 years

Ocean Park Tour

We’re looking for creative hustlers who are as customer-obsessed as we are. Our ideal “Trip” is always looking for innovative ways to relentlessly improve travel experience, is passionate about building loyalty among our existing user base, and is excited to build products and services that will bring the next million users to the platform.

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Value for money

Amazing Discounts, Instant Refunds & Price Comparison. Great Value at Lowest Price! Instant Discounts on Multiple Airlines, Easy Booking. Book Your Flights Now! 1 Millions Happy Customers. 24*7 Customer Service! India’s No.1 Travel Site. Best Deals Guaranteed. No Cost EMI.

Additional benefits to be displayed which includes insurance, inflight dinner/lunch options,luxury stay and accomodation options

Luxury , Hotels, Resorts available in single click

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