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Activities in Malad,Mumbai

Things to Do

Aksa Beach

Akshe Beach is a popular beach and a vacation spot in Aksa village at MaladMumbaiIndia. It is situated close to Malvani.[1][2] It is a popular weekend destination . It is dotted with many private cottages and hotels, some of which are rented out to tourists and visitors.[1] Aksa beach also happens to be one of the cleanest beaches in the city.[3]

This beach has INS Hamla (a base of the Indian Navy) at one end and a small beach called “Dana Paani“.

It is accessible from Malad (West) station by select BEST buses from Borivali railway station, en route to Madh Island, and also by private transport and auto rickshaws. The beach is approximately 9 km from Malad station and 12 km from Borivali. It can also be reached from Andheri (West) railway station. Buses from Andheri Station go to Versova Village. From there a boat takes passengers across the sea to Madh Island. On Madh Island bus numbers 269 and 271 go to Aksa Beach.


It is not safe to swim as the currents are strong and the sands of the beach keep shifting because of the waves and people often misjudge them. Warning signs of swimming prohibition have been put on the beach and lifeguards have been appointed, however accidents are common, due to rapidly changing tides, and merging to two tide currents on the rocky beach and people ignoring warnings.[4][5][6][7] The beach gets even more dangerous during Monsoonseason, though 15,000 people are visiting the beach during weekends.[8] Quicksand is also found in the waters, often causing danger.[9]