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Activities in Bidali

Things to Do

Innovative Film City

Movie studio & amusement park featuring reality TV set tours & several family-oriented attractions.
Innovative Group takes the pride of establishing first of its kind tourism destination in India “Innovative Film City” at Bangalore, operational since a decade with close to a million visitors per annum.
Our 50 acres campus with all modern amenities is one of the best places for any sort of events. A serene place near to city with all sorts of fun and entertainment, we make your corporate meetings/outings more fun and lively. We have in-house food and beverages to make your corporate event experience in itself.


Innovative Film City is ideal for destination weddings. You don’t need to travel far and wide for making your wedding an exquisite one. Head down to Innovative Film City and get mesmerised by our wedding venues. How about a beachside wedding? Exciting. it surely is!