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Pretty Singapore With Malaysia Honeymoon 6N/7D (with flight)


Stay Free

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

In this offer you will get 4 Star hotel stay free for all the days in the tour
You need to pay for Flight, Visa, Food, Transportation


Max Guests::
Max Kids::

Without debit card and credit card you can get the EMI with us.
Just pay
40% of tour amount and balance with 2% interest chose 3M/6M/12M


come back offer

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

Pay 50% at the time of booking and pay 50% balance when you return from the holiday

Singapore (3N) – Langkawi (3N)

The city of Singapore prides itself as being a green oasis amidst towering skyscrapers. ‘Garden City’ or ‘Lion City’ is environmentally friendly and at the same time has world-class infrastructure. All you have to do is take a bus and you are in the beautiful botanical garden or busy Chinatown. Singapore is a wonderful haven for shopaholics and foodies. The city’s culturally and racially diverse city has contributed to its markets and restaurants with advanced local electronics craftsmanship and serves authentic and “hybrid” delicacies.

Explore the picturesque island of Sentosa and take a photo with the powerful Merlion, the national icon of Singapore. Stroll through the bustling Little India neighborhood or immerse yourself in the magical world of Universal Studios. If you are a nature lover, you can observe wildlife and marine animals at the exclusive Night Safari or Underwater World. Visit Singapore Flyer and enjoy the beautiful view of Singapore at night. Singapore is a fascinating city that attracts the imagination of a curious traveler.


1. licensed guide through your travel
2.Visa Charges
3. Meals are indicates on itinerary
4. Private air conditioned Vehicle.
5.luggage handling
6.local Taxes And Service charges

Policies of Pretty Singapore With Malaysia Honeymoon 6N/7D (with flight)



Day 1

Hotel Clover

4-star hotel
5 Hongkong St, Singapore 059648

Chic boutique hotel featuring contemporary rooms, plus a rooftop terrace with a pool.


Day 3

Kampung Tok Senik Resort

3-star hotel
Lot 1577, Kawasan Mata Air (Mukim Ulu Melaka), 07000 Langkawi Island, Malaysia

The isolated Kampung Tok Senik Resort, Langkawi is set amidst 46 acres of landscaped gardens, and is encircled by hills and rubber plantations. It is in Mukim Ulu Melaka, about 15 minutes drive from the main town of Kuah.


Day 1

Flight: Kempegowda International Airport to Singapore Changi Airport

Air India Express (IX-486)

BLR 11:45

4h 50m | 0

SIN 19:05

Day 3

Flight: Singapore Changi Airport to Kuala Lumpur International

Jetstar Asia (3K-683)

SIN 07:20

1h 05m | 0

KUL 08:25

Day 7

Flight: Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kempegowda International Airport

IndiGo (6E-1814)

KUL 11:40

4h 25m | 0

BLR 13:35


From Airport to Hotel & Hotel To Sight seeing

From Airport to Hotel & Hotel To Sight seeing

Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel, on a shared basis in a coach/bus (seat-in-coach). The services are available between 10 am and 7 pm. You can pick a slot for your transfers. The vehicle will not be on disposal basis.

Includes: Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel on shared basis in a coach (seat-in-coach).

Exclusions: seat number alerting

Day 1 - Arrival in Singapore – Night Safari

Upon arrival at Singapore Airport, you will arrive at the pick-up point at our airport and be transferred to your hotel. In the evening, make an exciting night safari with a tram, which is the best way to experience the safari. The tour also includes a quiet, moonlit hiking trail to observe the animals in their natural habitat. Some of the trails you’ll see on the tour are the Fishing Cat Trail, the Leopard Trail and the Wallaby Trail. Near the Leopard Trail you will find two bird species where the flying squirrel and the flying fox are located and Return to the hotel and spend the night.

Day 2 - Singapore City Tour + Half-day Sentosa Island

On this day, you will be picked up at the hotel for a wonderful tour of the city of Singapore. Visit Suntec City, a large entertainment center with a shopping center with about 360 shops, several restaurants, office towers and a conference center. See also the Grandfountain of Wealth in the city of Suntec, which was mentioned in 1998 in the Guinness World Book Book. Orchard Road is another major shopping street in town; while Merlion Park is a symbol of the city and a prominent tourist attraction in Singapore (you have many options here). Also drive through Chinatown and Little India before retiring to the hotel overnight. Sentosa Island is a resort island in Singapore with numerous adventure activities for people of all ages. During your journey you will arrive in an exciting cable car (one way), explore Madame Tussaud’s + IOS Live Museum and see the fascinating Wings of Time (at 8:40 am).Return to the hotel and spend the night in the hotel.

Day 3 - Full Day Universal Studios

Everyone has his favorite film, which they can literally quote the dialogues. If you’re also a movie fan, definitely visit Universal Studios. They are part of Sentosa World Resorts. Universal Studios has many theme attractions, entertainment venues and exciting shows that will leave you gaping. Let’s look at what everyone at Universal Studios is waiting for you. Admission cards All admission tickets for rides and sights in Universal Studios (except climbing).

Day 4 - Arrival in Langkawi

Upon arrival at the airport in Langkawi you will be met by the agent , who will take you to the hotel. Check in and relax to end flight fatigue. Get ready for a fascinating 4-hour tour through the city of Langkawi. Completed with incredible things to do in Langkawi for the honeymoon, this tour allows you to visit Crocodile Farm, where different species of crocodiles live, Underwater World Langkawi – Malaysia’s largest aquarium, Mahsuri Tomb, Eagle Square, Telaga Tujuh waterfalls, drive the cable car and Gallarie Perdana Langkawi. Choose the activities you want and enjoy. After finishing you will return to the hotel. Stayovernight in Hotel.

Day 5 - Mangrove Cruise and Island Hopping Tour

After a hearty breakfast,you will be pampered with an island hopping tour or on the Mangrove Cruise going to exotic destinations surrounded by the sea. The Langkawi Island Hopping Tour takes you on a journey as you explore the beautiful Andaman Sea islands. First you will visit the island of Pulau Singa Besar, which is ideal for tourists with children because it houses palm trees lined with palm trees, clear water and a nature reserve. You also visit the second largest island in the Langkawi archipelago called ‘Pulau Dayang Bunting’ island, famous for its freshwater lake. The third destination is ‘Pulau Beras Basah’ (Wet Rice Island) with turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming. If you choose a Mangrove cruise on this day of your honeymoon to Langkawi. Jump on a cruise along the Kilim River with your honeymoon and enjoy watching the eagles eating in the middle of the mangrove trees. As you said, stop at the Crocodile Cave and record the memories of your journey. When you reach the scaffolding of the bats cave, you walk into the cave and you see the bats hanging inside. Leave for the Fish Farm, the last destination, for an exotic lunch to complete your amazing experience. Then go to your hotel and relax for the night.

Day 6 - Langkawi : Leisure Day and Optional Activities

Enjoy a healthy breakfast in the hotel. With this Langkawi honeymoon package, you and your partner can travel around the city and explore it at your own pace. You can enjoy an abundance of fun activities in and around the room and enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the lush parks. Another important attraction in Langkawi is the outdoor dining buffet, a rejuvenating saltwater jacuzzi and delicious drinks. Make a perfect day as you travel across the ocean, with fresh wind blowers and the soothing sound of the waves. Colorful fish, beautiful eagles, beaches with palm trees and dolphins enhance the entertainment factor of your journey. See also the natural phenomena of the legendary “green flash”. Make the most of your day and come back to your hotel for a good night’s sleep. Optional: Dinner Cruise Buffet at Sunset BBQ (own costs)

Day 7 - End of Tour

Check out from the hotel and take transfer to the airport for your journey back home.

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