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Jewels of Newzealand 8N/9D with Flight


Stay Free

Max Guests::
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In this offer you will get 4 Star hotel stay free for all the days in the tour
You need to pay for Flight, Visa, Food, Transportation


Max Guests::
Max Kids::

Without debit card and credit card you can get the emi with us.
Just pay 40% of tur ammount and balance with 2% intrest chose 3M/6M/12M


come back offer

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Max Kids::

Pay 50% at the time of booking and pay 50% balance when you return from the holiday

Cities : Auckland (1D) → Rotorua (1D) → Queenstown (Franz Josef (1D)→ ChristChurch (1D)

New Zealand is a great place that you can explore with your better half during this special 8 nights and 9 days Package.Throughout this tour, you will get golden opportunities to explore the breathtaking sights of New Zealand along with its world-renowned tourist spots.

You will also get leisure times that you can spend with your love. You can also enjoy shopping and authentic cuisines of New Zealand. You can explore the beautiful city of Auckland. Both of you can explore the spectacular and world-famous Glowworm Caves. Rotorua is also a great place that you will also discover in this itinerary.

You will be amazed by viewing the popular Te Puia Thermal Reserve. Queenstown is also a very prominent and enchanting place in New Zealand and this place is also included in this New Zealand package.


1 – Licensed Guide Through your Travel
2 – Visa Charges
3 – Meals Are indicated On itinerary
4 -Private Air -Conditioned Vehicle
5- Luggage Handling
6- Local Taxes and Service Charges

Policies of Jewels of Newzealand 8N/9D with Flight



Day 1

Mount Richmond Hotel & Conference Centre

4-star hotel
676 Mount Wellington Hwy, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1062, New Zealand

676 Mount Wellington Hwy, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1062, New Zealand


Day 5

Hotel NK Grand Park

3-star hotel
Cantonment, 8/100 C, Shandy Road, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043

Relaxed rooms in a low-key hotel featuring a restaurant serving Indian & Asian cuisine.


Day 1

Flight: Kempegowda International Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Malaysia Airlines (MH-105)

BLR 12:00

4h 15m | 1

KUL 18:45

Day 1

Flight: Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Auckland International,Auckland

Malaysia Airlines (MH-133)

KUL 08:25

9h 30m | 0

AKL 23:55

Day 9

Flight: Auckland International,Auckland to Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Malaysia Airlines (MH-132

AKL 09:30

4h 00m | 1

KUL 11:00

Day 9

Flight: Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kempegowda International Airport,

Malaysia Airlines (MH-104)

KUL 09:30

4h 00m | 0

BLR 11:00


From Airport to Hotel & Hotel To Sight seeing

shared transfer

Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel, on a shared basis in a coach/bus (seat-in-coach). The services are available between 10 am and 7 pm. You can pick a slot for your transfers. The vehicle will not be on disposal basis.

Includes: Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel on shared basis in a coach (seat-in-coach).

Exclusions: seat number alerting

Day 1 - Arrive in Auckland

Post your arrival in Auckland you will be met by our representative and escorted to the hotel. After the checking-in procedure, you can enjoy the remaining part of the evening leisurely. Have a good night’s sleep at the hotel.

Day 2 - Auckland to Rotorua

Post breakfast at the hotel, see the hotel. Drive to Roturua. Upon arrival in Waitomo, you will be guided by the famous Glowworm caves. Enjoy a stroll through the world famous Waitomo Glowworm caves, including an underground boat ride with millions of bright worms on the roof. Later, we will pass through the Mamaku areas to reach Rotorua ‘Thermal City’. Then you go to the areas of Mamaku to reach the prominent ‘spa town’ of Rotorua. When you arrive at Roturua, check in at the hotel and enjoy the free time. Accommodation at the hotel in Rotorua

Day 3 - Rotorua: Sightseeing

After a delicious breakfast, head to the thermal reserve Te Puia to observe the pools of boiling mud and the noisy geysers. Then you will be taken to Rainbow Springs to visit trout, birds and exotic animals in New Zealand. Then continue your journey to Agrodome to see a beautiful farm show in New Zealand. This show shows demonstrations of sheep dogs. After returning to the hotel you can enjoy the free afternoon. Experience an authentic and delicious Maori Hangi party at night and a fun concert. Accommodation in Roturua.

Day 4 - Roturua to Queenstown

Post breakfast , check out of the hotel and depart on your domestic flight from Rotorua to Queenstown. Once we arrive in Queens town we would head towards the transfer on SIC basis and arrive at the hotel and check -in post which we can enjoy rest of the day at leisure. Overnight at the hotel in Queens town..

Day 5 - Queensland; A Great Day of Sightseeing

After breakfast we will enjoy a cruise on the world famous fjord dominated by Miter Peak and bowling bowen waterfalls. Drive over the southern arm of Lake Wakatipu to Lumsden and on to Lake Te Anau. Enter the Eglinton Valley and travel through the breathtaking man who created the Homer Tunnel to reach Milford Sound. and see the wonders of Miter Peak, glacier-rich stone walls that rise up to 1,200 m from the sea and the waterfalls. Tonight we would return to Queens town with a coach. Overnight in Queens town.

Day 6 - Lake Wakatipu and Gibbston Valley Winery Sightseeing

After breakfast we can Enjoy the day at leisure on own. You may enjoy a Queenstown highlights tour and see the six best sights and Enjoy spectacular bird’s eye views of Queens town; visit Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkable and Lord of the Rings locations where you have great photo opportunities! Visit Gibbston Valley Winery where you can enjoy a selection of three wines produced on site. Discover beautiful Arrowtown golden history and colonial architecture. Also enjoy shopping, great cafes and restaurants. Overnight in Queenstown.

Day 7 - Queenstown to Franz Jose

After breakfast check out and head towards Queenstown towards the glacier region. Today you travel along the shores of Lake Wanaka and Hawea to Haast Pass, the World Heritage Site gateway in Westland National Park. Continue along the west coast along spectacular mountain ranges, native forests and lakes to the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers glacier region. To mention that you come to your hotel after checking in, we can enjoy the rest of the evening at leisure. Accommodation at hotel in Glacier Region.

Day 8 - Franz Josef to Christchurch: Arrival

Franz Josef Glacier to Christchurch – It takes about 2 ½ hours to drive from Glacier Region to Greymouth, from where we will board the Tranz Alpine train. Travel over the Canterbury Plains to reach Christchurch. you can ski at a world-class alpine resort, play golf, bungy jump, raft, mountain bike, hot-air balloon, wind surf, whale watch and visit internationally-acclaimed wineries and gardens.We will arrive at the hotel by late evening and proceed for the check-in. Overnight at the hotel in Christchurch.

Day 9 - Departure

After having your breakfast, get ready check-out and move towards the international airport for departure.


Hobbiton Movie Set Tour With Transport From Auckland

Seating Times:
9 hours

Enjoy an express bus service from Auckland to discover the amazing movie set from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies on an official guided tour.

Lake Taupo Maori Rock Carving

Seating Times:
2.5 hours

Get right up close to the extraordinary 14-meter high Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings on an eco-friendly electric yacht on an experience that is the perfect mix of relaxation, fun and adventure.

Waimangu Volcanic Valley Entry Ticket

Seating Times:
1 day

Explore the geothermal landscape of Rotorua at your own pace on a self-guided walk or hike at Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Explore the world’s youngest geothermal site with lush valleys, native flora and fauna, hot springs and more.

Milford Sound Scenic Cruise

Seating Times:
1.75 hours

Join us for a picturesque cruise through beautiful Milford Sound, deep in the heart of Fiordland National Park on New Zealand’s South Island. Take in the stunning scenery from the large viewing decks aboard one of our modern and spacious catamarans.

Te Puia Maori Village Entry & Optional Cultural Performance

Seating Times:
2.5 hours

Learn about Maori history and culture at Te Puia with a day entry ticket. Come face to face with the Pohutu Geyser, jumping mud pools, and live kiwi birds. You can also upgrade to include a 45-minute Maori cultural performance.

Australia;Sovereign Hill Museum General Admission Ticket

Seating Times:
Valid 1 day

Head underground on a fully guided gold mine tour and see the town by horse-drawn coach. Visit the gold museum and enjoy a sound-and-light show.

Jewels of Newzealand 8N/9D with Flight

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