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Hong Kong Disneyland Special 4 Days (without Flight)


Stay Free

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

In this offer you will get 4 Star hotel stay free for all the days in the tour
You need to pay for Flight, Visa, Food, Transportation


Max Guests::
Max Kids::

Without debit card and credit card you can get the emi with us.
Just pay 40% of tur ammount and balance with 2% intrest chose 3M/6M/12M


come back offer

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

Pay 50% at the time of booking and pay 50% balance when you return from the holiday

Cities : Hong Kong (3D) → Macau (1D) 

Hong Kong was once a British colony in the southernmost part of China. The densely populated city is occupied by tall skyscrapers and is also the economic center of many cities. Hong Kong offers many visitors the best horizon and natural harbor. The Macau 3 nights and 4 days package is designed with many world-class shopping centers. The tall skyscrapers mark many travelers and tourists from around the world.

Looking for a comfortable vacation and honeymoon? Plan a trip to Hong Kong that is fueled by all the modern conveniences that will provide you with a great travel experience. Hong Kong is an extremely busy city in China. The city is surprisingly mixed with Western and Eastern culture and still tastes like a British colony completed in 1997. You can enjoy the cable car at the amusement park, ie Disneyland, simply by booking


1. licensed guide though your travel
2.Visa Charges
3. Meals are indicates on itinerary
4. Private air conditioned Vehicle.
5.luggage handling
6.local Taxes And Service charges

Policies of Hong Kong Disneyland Special 4 Days (without Flight)



Day 1

Perthden Hotel

4-star hotel
1025号 Yanhe S Rd, Closed Area, China

Polished hotel offering a restaurant, a spa & event space, plus free parking & Wi-Fi.



From Airport to Hotel & Hotel To Sight seeing

shared transfer

Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel, on a shared basis in a coach/bus (seat-in-coach). The services are available between 10 am and 7 pm. You can pick a slot for your transfers. The vehicle will not be on disposal basis.

Includes: Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel on shared basis in a coach (seat-in-coach).

Exclusions: seat number alerting

Day 1 - Arrival in Hong Kong

Land in the dazzling city of Hong Kong. Our representative will greet you at the airport and escort you to the hotel. Check in and relax for a while to be undone after a long flight. Spend the first day of your vacation in Hong Kong without hurrying. You can go out and walk through the streets. When the day is over, go back to the hotel and sleep the night away.

Day 2 - Disneyland Tour

Order a delicious breakfast and get ready for real clothes to spend the whole day on a trip to Disneyland. Publish Enter a world full of characters Mickey and Minnie. You spend all day here. Discover the magical world of Disneyland Park, enjoying the adventures. Later you will eat lunch in the park with good food. Enjoy everyday and night events with your favorite stars. You can shop so that your day is worth remembering in the Caribouan market. At the end of such a fantastic day spent at Disneyland in Hong Kong, you return to the hotel and enjoy the night.

Day 3 - Transfer to Macau City

Enjoy a delicious breakfast and take all the necessary luggage. You also have to move to Macau from the HKG and MFM fast ferry. Enjoy the blue panorama and crystal clear water for 55 minutes. After arriving at your destination, you have to do a half day tour of Macau. The Portuguese colony will surprise you here. You can visit the famous Buddhist temples. Visit the casino to experience the game. Check the hotel to enjoy a comfortable one night stay.

Day 4 - Departure

Fill your stomach with breakfast and get all the necessary stuff. Go to Hong Kong. You need to be transferred to Hong Kong by taking a ferry from Macau. Upon your arrival, our representatives will take you to Hong Kong Airport. You can also take a direct flight to India to reach your destination. Your visit to Hong Kong and Macau ends here with many beautiful memories that make you happy with your loved ones and loved ones


VR Attraction, 4D Movie and NP360 Fun Pass

Seating Times:
1 day

Explore all the sensational entertainment at Ngong Ping 360 with a 360 Fun Pass. Enjoy spectacular views from the NP 360 cable car. Take part in 6 VR attractions. Stimulate your senses with a 5-D experience.

Great Buddha Walk

Seating Times:
3 hours

Enjoy spectacular views from the Ngong Ping 360 cable car – one of the most unique attractions in Hong Kong. Visit the Wisdom Path and learn the wisdom of Buddhist teaching. See a 34-metre tall Tian Tan Buddha.

Kowloon: The Dark Side of Hong Kong

Seating Times:
3 hours

Explore the areas of Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po and see how the people of Hong Kong really live. See how poverty and high living costs impact Hong Kong and explore three local markets that are in decline.

Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Seating Times:
1 day

Step into seven themed lands in Hong Kong Disneyland Park, filled with your favorite stories and characters and more than 100 attractions and entertainment offerings. Make your dream Disney vacation a reality.

Ocean Park

Seating Times:
1 day

Enjoy a day of endless fun at one of Hong Kong’s most loved theme parks. Experience thrilling rides, panda encounters, one of the largest aquariums in the world and breathtaking views from a cable car at Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Night At Sky100 With Sparkling Light

Seating Times:
3 hours

Explore Hong Kong with a magical light show from the sky observatory.