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Glorious Kashmir Holiday (With Flight)


Stay Free

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

In this offer you will get 4 Star hotel stay free for all the days in the tour
You need to pay for Flight, Visa, Food, Transportation full amount at the time of booking


Max Guests::
Max Kids::

Without debit card and credit card you can get the emi with us.
Just pay 40% of tur ammount and balance with 2% intrest chose 3M/6M/12M


come back offer

Max Guests::

Pay 50% at the time of booking and pay 50% balance when you return from the holiday

Srinagar 2 Nights  Gulmarg 2 Days


1 – Licensed Guide Through your Travel
2 – activities
3 – Meals Are indicated On itinerary
4 -Private Air -Conditioned Vehicle
5- Luggage Handling
6- Local Taxes and Service Charges

Policies of Glorious Kashmir Holiday (With Flight)