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Dubai Vacation Package 3N 4D (with Flight)


Easy Emi

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

Without debit card and credit card you can get the EMI with us.
Just pay
40% of tour amount
and balance with 2% interest chose 3M/6M/12M

Stay Free

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

In this offer you will get 4 Star hotel stay free for all the days in the tour

You need to pay for Flight, Visa, Food, Transportation

come back offer

Max Guests::

pay 50% for booking and pay 50% payment when you return from holiday in a 7 days of time period

Cities : Dubai (3D) Abudubai (1D)

Dubai, one of the biggest and most attractive Emirate in the United Arab Emirates is a visual treat to every tourist with the number of activities and entertainment that are available for all age groups. There is something that Dubai has to offer for everyone who is visiting when it comes to entertainment, food and budget. That is why there are a variety of Dubai Tour Packages that the travel agents offer for any kind of a budget. Dubai is also said to be the most tourist friendly destination because it hosts various nationalities all at once as it is an important business hub in the world.

Dubai can be segregated in to various sections according to their city landscape. Bur Dubai, Deira Dubai, Inner suburbs, Sheik Zayed road, Jumeirah, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab and surrounding areas, Sharjah, Hatta and Abu Dhabi. Each segment has its own specialty and each one being worth the visit in their own charming way. Let us have a look at various Dubai Tour Packages which can serve as a perfect Dubai travel guide while you are being touristy in this country.


1 – Licensed Guide Through your Travel
2 – Visa Assistance Charges ( Extra to Pay )
3 – Meals Are indicated On itinerary
4 – Group Air -Conditioned Vehicle
5- Luggage Handling
6- Local Taxes and Service Charges

Policies of Dubai Vacation Package 3N 4D (with Flight)

No refund on cancellation but you can post the travel dates on fixed dates
Not allowed
1. Tourisms fee not included 2. Travel insurance not included


Day 4

Grandeur Hotel

4-star hotel
23rd Street , Al Barsha1 Near Mall Of The Emirates - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Relaxed quarters in a refined hotel offering 2 bars & a spa, plus a rooftop pool with city views.


Day 1

Flight: Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru to Dubai International Airport

Emirates EK 569

(BLR) 4:20 AM

6:50 AM | Non stop

(DXB) 6:50 AM

Day 5

Flight: Dubai International Airport to Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru

Emirates EK 564

(DXB) 3:40 AM

3 hr 40 min | Non stop

(BLR) 8:50 AM


From Airport to Hotel & Hotel To Sight seeing

shared transfer

Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel, on a shared basis in a coach/bus (seat-in-coach). The services are available between 10 am and 7 pm. You can pick a slot for your transfers. The vehicle will not be on disposal basis.

Includes: Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel on shared basis in a coach (seat-in-coach).

Exclusions: seat number alerting

Day 1 - Arrival Dubai

Arrival in Dubai, after clearing the immigration formalities our representative will take you to your hotel, Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Day 2 - Explore Dubai City Tour.

After sumptuous breakfast at Hotel.We begin at the magnificent Jumeirah Mosque built in 1979, Tourists who wish to visit the mosque should wear appropriate clothing such as trousers, long sleeve dress and scarf (for ladies).Stop at Jumeriah Beach, passing by Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Enjoy clicking picutres at the world-famous Burj Al Arab – the magnificent – seven star-hotels, an iconic representation of Dubai.There-after, drive along the Plam Jumeirah – an exquisite man-made island claimed to be the – eighth wonder of the world. Then take a short break by the creek to view the amazing architecture of Deira Towers.Visit the fascinating Dubai Museum at the Al Fahidi Fort built in 1800 from sea rocks and gypsum to defend the city. The tour extends into the colorful textile market, and the gold souk where we stop by and admire the sheer volume of dazzling jewellery available at tax-free prices.In the afternoon, return back to Hotel. The traditional wooden Dhow which offers you a romantic cruise and dinner under the moon light with the view of the amazing city of Dubai.The specially designed vessel is made of beautiful teak wood with an artistic touch that will make you’re dining experience all the more special..Enjoy the old splendid architecture through Sheikh Saeed house,and the Heritage village which are reminiscent of years gone by. Also experience the modern architecture of dubai like Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht club,chamber of commerce,National Bank of Dubai and more…

Day 3 - Burz Khalifa , Desert Safari

After breakfast at the Hotel. Visit Burz Khalifa the tallest building in the World.Burj Khalifa, before opening was known as Burj Dubai, for some reason, to everyone surprise during the opening ceremony was officially announced Burj Khalifa, in honour of his Highness Sheikh khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the president of United Arab Emirates. The main attraction for visitors to visit the Observation Deck, top of the Burj Khalifa tower located at 124th or Sky Deck at 148th floor, where visitors are on top of Dubai. The visit starts at ground floor of Dubai Mall where tickets are purchased. In the afternoon, Explore desert Safari. The Desert Safari is a ‘must’ for those who wish to experience the ‘real desert’. Professional safari drivers take you on a thrilling roller-coaster ride across the golden dunes. We stop by the highest sand dune for a photo-shoot of the spectacular sunset. We then proceed to the Bedouin campsite located in the heart of the desert. A warm Arabian welcome awaits us, accompanied by refreshing Arabic coffee (‘Kawa’) and dates. Soft drinks, tea and water are also available. A brief camel ride adds fun. Smoking the ‘Sheesha’ or ‘Hubbly Bubbly’ is a typical Arabian experience not to be missed. Various mild and fruity flavours offer a tingling sensation. Ladies particularly enjoy adorning their arms with exquisite patterns of Henna (leaf) tattoo. Later, an enchanting belly dancer appears, tearing apart the darkness of the night. She dances gracefully and rhythmically, keeping pace with the increasing tempo of authentic Arabian music. Excitement rents the air as the audience try to match her steps. Tanoora Dance performances will liven up the evening.In the night you are back to your Hotel. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 4 - Abu Dhabi Day Excursion

After breakfast, Check out from Hotel and keep your bags at the bell desk. Later take day return excursion to Abu Dhabi.Abu Dhabi literally means Father of the Gazelle. The Abu Dhabi City Tour takes you around the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is located on an island connected to the mainland by three bridges. In the capital, you will find it filled with skyscrapers, even with all of the modern developments in the city, tourists will still find a lot of fascinating unique and peculiar heritage attractions. This tour will bring you closer to the traditional markets where you have the change to taste and buy dates, see the fishermen and their catch of the day. We will take a walk along the corniche promenade, with almost 8 km, the longest in the U.A.E. The photographer within you could picture a lot of memorable moments. In the evening, return back to Dubai. Take your bags from the hotel and we will transfer you to Airport to your return flight.


Dubai frame tickets

Seating Times:
3 Hours

The Dubai Frame is an architectural landmark in Zabeel Park, Dubai. It has been described by The Guardian newspaper as “the biggest picture frame on the planet, ” however is also controversial as the “biggest stolen building of all time.”

global village

Seating Times:
5 Hours

Embrace On A Journey Across The World With More Than 50 Games & Rides, Live Shows, Parades. Global Village in Dubai is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road E 311 road Dubai. It combines cultures of 90 countries across the world at one place. It claims to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping and

Miracle Garden

Seating Times:
5 Hours

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower garden located in the district of Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The garden was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013. The garden occupies over 72,000 square metres, making it the world’s largest natural flower garden featuring over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants.

Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque Half-Day Tour from Dubai

Seating Times:
Duration 5 hours

Explore one of the world’s most spectacular sites of worship on a half-day morning or afternoon tour of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Benefit from round-trip transfers from your hotel in Dubai and the services of a professional driver/guide.

Dubai Desert Safari Red Dune: BBQ, Camel Ride & Sandboarding

Seating Times:
Duration 4 - 7 hours

Escape Dubai and drive across the Red Arabian Desert in a 4WD vehicle. Enjoy the sunset, sandboarding, camel ride and visit the camel firm. Choose the 4-hour program or the 7-hour program with the addition of a BBQ dinner.

Dubai Burj Khalifa Tickets: Level 124 & 125

Seating Times:
Duration 1.5 hours

Witness unforgettable, panoramic views over Dubai from the observation deck of the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Let your jaw hit the floor as you are elevated up 125 floors to fantastic 360-degree views over the Arabian Gulf.