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Darjeeling,Gangtok and Pelling 6N/7D North East Package (without Flight)


Stay Free

Max Guests::
Max Kids::

In this offer you will get 4 Star hotel stay free for all the days in the tour

You need to pay for Flight, Visa, Food, Transportation

come back offer

Max Guests::

pay 50% for booking and pay 50% payment when you return from holiday in a 7 days of time period Licensed

Gangtok (2N) → Darjeeling (3N)  →  Pelling (2N) 

The natural Boundaries and Tribal traditions of North East India make the region a heaven for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts. Travalos holidays has meticulously planned this North East package covering two of its most sought-after destinations, Gangtok and Pelling. During your tour of the former, you will learn about the Tibetan culture at Do-Drul Chorten and Ruminate Monastery, and also explore Flower Exhibition Centre, Directorate of Handicraft & Handloom and New Baba Mandir. The road trip ahead takes you to Char Dham, Samdruptse Hill, Rimbi Waterfalls and Khecheopalri Lake. The fun doubles in Darjeeling, which has Batasia Loop, Ghoom Monastery, Tibetan Refugee Center, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Peace Pagoda and Happy Valley Tea Estate. A magnificent sunrise from Tiger Hill also awaits you on this trip.


1 – Licensed Guide Thought your Travel
2 – Rope car travel
3 – Meals Are indicated On itinerary
4 -Private Air -Conditioned Vehicle
5- Luggage Handling
6- Local Taxes and Service Charges

Policies of Darjeeling,Gangtok and Pelling 6N/7D North East Package (without Flight)



Day 1

Keepsa Residency

4-star hotel
Kazi Rd, Vishal Gaon, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101

Refined, mountain-view hotel offering polished rooms & suites, plus complimentary breakfast & a spa.


Day 5

Summit Newa Regency & Spa, Pelling

3-star hotel
Pelling - Rumbi Road Near Old State Bank Of India Lower, Pelling, Sikkim 737113

Enjoy magnificent views of Mt. Kanchendzonga and the Himalayan range from telescopes at Summit Newa Regency’s mountain deck. It offers rooms with a private bathroom and a 24-hour front desk


Day 6

R. J. Resorts

3-star hotel
The Mall, opp. Governor House, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101

High-end hotel with free breakfast & parking, plus dining, a spa & a rooftop terrace.



From Airport to Hotel & Hotel To Sight seeing

shared transfer

Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel, on a shared basis in a coach/bus (seat-in-coach). The services are available between 10 am and 7 pm. You can pick a slot for your transfers. The vehicle will not be on disposal basis.

Includes: Airport Transfers from Airport to the Hotel on shared basis in a coach (seat-in-coach).

Exclusions: seat number alerting

Day 1 - Arrive at the Bagdogra Airport – Gangtok (120 Kms, 4-5 hrs)

After reaching the Bagdogra Airport, you would be greeted by Manvith Holidays representative and then head to the hotel in Gangtok. The pleasant drive should take around 4 hours.After reaching Gangtok, you would check-in at the hotel and then, spend the rest of the day at leisure. You could choose to explore the city on your own in the evening, or you can choose to spend the time enjoying the view of the valley from the hotel. For those wishing to know if luck favours them, a visit to the Casino (own expense) can be an exciting way to enjoy your evening, before ending the long day with dinner and a comfortable overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 2 - Gangtok – Changu Lake and New Baba Mandir Excursion

After breakfast, in the morning, start for excursion to Tshangu Lake It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists; it is located at 35 km from Gangtok. On the way to the Lake, one can enjoy nice scenery and snowed hills.Further 10 kms from Tshangu Lake on lays the legendary New Baba Mandir.Tshangu Lake: situated at a height of 12400Ft / 3780 Mts / 43Kms in 3Hrs one way, with an average depth of 50 ft. The cool water of the Lake is perfectly attuned with the scenic beauty around.NEW Baba Mandir: at an altitude of over 13,000 feet. It was built in memory of a soldier in the 23rd Punjab Regiment, who drowned in a stream near the spot. Legend says he later appeared in a dream to one of his colleagues where he requested that a temple be built in his memory. Return back to hotel in the evening. Overnight at hotel.

Day 3 - Gangtok City Tour

After breakfast you would go and explore Gangtok. You would be picked up from the hotel around 8-9 am. The city offers the opportunity to enjoy good food, shopping and to have memorable experience.Visit the most beautiful monastery in Sikkim, the Rumtek Monastery. After this, you would also visit the Do-Drul Chorten. You would also visit the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology that researches the religion, history, language, art and culture of Tibet and Tibetans. The museum and the library on the premises offer an insight into the culture.The culture of any place is clearly visible in its art and handicraft. The Cottage Industry in Gangtok is no exception. Later, you would visit the Flower Exhibition Centre that houses a huge variety of flora. The center also holds an annual Orchid show and the indoor flower show is a very colorful experience.Next destination to visit is the Directorate of Handicraft & Handloom. You could pick-up shawls, carpets, the traditional choktse tables and other gifts items which deeply reflect the art of state.Later, enjoy the mesmerizing view of Gangtok under your feet as you take a ride in the ropeway cable car (own expense). Also, see different houses, shops, buildings that contribute to the township.Later, you would return to the hotel after the eventful day.

Day 4 - Gangtok – Pelling (127 kilometres| 6 hours)

After breakfast, depart for Pelling en-route visiting the famous tourist places Samdruptse Hill and Char Dham in Namchi.Afternoon drive to Pelling. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5 - Pelling – Darjeeling (110 kilometres | 5 hours)

After breakfast, proceed for half day sightseeing to Rimbi Waterfalls, Darap Village and Khecheopalri Lake (30 Kms / 6000 Ft / 1829 Mts).Afternoon, depart for Darjeeling.

Day 6 - Darjeeling City Tour

Early morning, approx. 4.00 AM, you will visit Tiger Hill before the break of dawn, to see the sun rise over Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world (subject to clear weather).On your way back stop at the Ghoom Monastery, the holiest monastery in Darjeeling and Batasia Loop.Return to hotel for breakfast.You will be driven Japanese Temple, Peace pagoda, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute & Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoogical Park(Closed on Thursday). “One way Toy Train Joyride, Darjeeling to Ghoom OR Ghoom to Darjeeling – Toy Train of Darjeeling Himalayan Railways (DHR) has always remained an unique experience to the tourists. Only few would let go such an opportunity. And there is a clear reason why so. After all this Toy Train has been accorded the UNESCO World Heritage status, and that’s for something special.”Visit to Happy Valley Tea estate Evening return to your hotel or walk around the streets of the colonial city Darjeeling. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7 - Darjeeling – Bagdogra (90 kilometres| 3 hours)

After a leisure breakfast, drive to Bagdogra on time for flight to onward destination.