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Hyundai Verna

Ez rent a car
Economy Car
Hyundai Verna

Pick-up location details Phone: 18005720205

pickup time

Drop-off location details Phone: 18005720205

Drop off Time
Car Specifications :
  • 4 +1  Seater
  • First 140 Km
  • With Fuel
  • Cancellation made after booking start: No refund
  • Cancellation made more than 24 hours before the booking start: 80% refunded.
  • Cancellation made with 24 hours of booking start 70% refunded to the customer.
Late Return:
  • Standard hourly fee will be applicable per hour of delay. Weekend or weekday delays will be charged accordingly.
  • In addition to the standard hourly fee, every hour of delay would be charged at Rs. 300/hour

Extra Charges and Terms (where applicable):

  1. Inter-state tax, Toll Charge and Parking.
  2. The kilometres will be charged starting from and ending at your pick up location
  3. Distance travelled beyond 140 km will be charged at ₹18/km.
  4. After 140 km will be charged at ₹20/km.
  5. Night driving allowance of ₹300 per night, if your trip requires night driving between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am for any night apart from the pick up night.
  6. Driver Gratuity is not included.