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Woodlands Hotel

Available Rooms

3 star
Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road
5 Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road Bangalore, 560027 Bangalore
12 PM
11 AM
1 nights
8 % Off

Featuring a garden and views of garden, Woodlands Hotel is set in Bangalore, 1.6 km from Kanteerava Indoor Stadium. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free WiFi. The property is non-smoking and is situated 2.1 km from Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum.

At the hotel, all rooms have a balcony. At Woodlands Hotel every room has a desk, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

A buffet breakfast is available every morning at the accommodation.

Cubbon Park is 2.6 km from Woodlands Hotel, while Chinnaswamy Stadium is 2.6 km away. The nearest airport is Kempegowda International, 36 km from the hotel, and the property offers a paid airport shuttle service.

Policies of Woodlands Hotel

12 PM
11 AM

Amenities of Woodlands Hotel

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Woodlands Hotel Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road, India

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