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Available Rooms


Max Guests:
Max Kids:

  • Bedroom 1: 1 extra-large double bed 
  • Living room: 1 sofa bed 
51 m² City view Flat-screen TV Air conditioning Soundproofing Ensuite bathroom

Executive Room

Max Guests:
Max Kids:

  • 1 extra-large double bed 
32 m² City view Flat-screen TV Air conditioning Soundproofing Ensuite bathroom

Superior Double Room

Max Guests:
Max Kids:

  • 1 extra-large double bed 
City view Flat-screen TV Air conditioning Soundproofing Ensuite bathroom

  • • View
  • • TV
  • • Telephone
  • • Satellite Channels
  • • Cable Channels
  • • Laptop safe
  • • Safety Deposit Box
  • • Iron
  • • Ironing Facilities
  • • Dressing Room
  • • Sofa
  • • Tile/Marble floor
  • • Tumble dryer
  • • Wardrobe or closet
  • • Shower
  • • Hairdryer
  • • Bathrobe
  • • Free toiletries
  • • Toilet
  • • Toilet paper
  • • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • • Minibar
  • • Electric kettle
  • • Wake-up service
  • • Towels
  • • Linen
  • • Upper floors accessible by lift
  • • Entire unit wheelchair accessible
  • • Baby safety gates
  • • Toilet with grab rails
  • • Adapted bath
  • • Roll in shower
  • • Raised toile
4 star
Kumarakrupa Road Madhav Nagar,
#3 Kumarakrupa Road Madhav Nagar, Gandhi nagar, 560001 Bangalore
12 pm
12 pm
1 nights
5 % Off

Boasting a fitness centre and a bar, Vividus is set in Bangalore, 1.7 km from Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park and 2.9 km from Cubbon Park. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk and room service, along with free WiFi. The accommodation offers a concierge service, valet parking and currency exchange for guests.

All guest rooms come with air conditioning, a TV with satellite channels, a kettle, a shower, a hair dryer and a desk. With a private bathroom, rooms at the hotel also have a city view.

Guests at Vividus can enjoy a continental breakfast.

Policies of Vividus

12 pm
12 pm
free cancellation 3 ays before check in

Amenities of Vividus

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Vividus Kumarakrupa Road Madhav Nagar,, India

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