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The Zuri Whitefield

Available Rooms

No Rooms Found
5 star
ITPL Road Bangalore
1800 57 20205
1 nights

Located in the midst of a bustling business locality yet far from the cacophony of a metropolis and just 45 minutes from the International Airport, The Zuri Whitefield is a chic business hotel that offers guests a refreshing brand of hospitality with style and sophistication. Located at the heart of Bengaluru in Whitefield, The Zuri Whitefield encapsulates the essence of this vibrant city with its young and trendy soul. Optimised to cater to the global business traveller as well as the leisure seeker, there’s everything to pamper guests and ensure that they are well attended to at all times, while they are at the city popularly known as India’s ‘Silicon Valley’.

Policies of The Zuri Whitefield

Amenities of The Zuri Whitefield

Room Amenities: The 5-star hotel maintains 90 Zuri Rooms, 66 Club Rooms, 4 Zuri Executive Suites and 2 Zuri Presidential Suites. Each room is appointed with amenities like LCD television, electronic safe, high-speed wireless internet and international direct dialing telephone.

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The Zuri Whitefield ITPL Road Bangalore

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