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Taj West End

Available Rooms

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5 star
High Grounds
2.5km Away from Cantt.Railway station
1 nights
3 % Off

About the Room:

Nestled amidst 20 acres of flora and defined by its illustrious heritage and colonial charm, Taj West End,Bengaluru is a lush sanctuary in Bangalore. Started by the Bronsons as a 10-room inn in 1887, it now has 117 magnificent rooms and suites that dot the sprawling landscaped gardens, each with a gorgeous view. Home to the second-oldest tree in the city and a Victorian-era postbox still in use, this ambient hotel is a perfect synthesis of the charms of a bygone era and modern amenities and comforts. In close proximity to the Bengaluru Golf Club and the Turf Club, this legendary hotel on Race Course Road is a prominent landmark in the center of the city with the Bengaluru International Airport only an hour away. Owing to our coveted location and exemplary services, we have won the coveted National Tourism Award for the Best 5-star luxury hotel in the country. Taj West End, Bengaluru is home to a range of spectacular fine-dining experiences, with flavors crafted for every palate.

Policies of Taj West End

Amenities of Taj West End

The hotel features 117 rooms and suites. The luxurious rooms offer views of the pool or lawns and are fitted with amenities such as LCD TV, tea/coffee maker, minibar, electronic safe, and five fixture bathrooms with premium bath amenities

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Taj West End Racecourse,Bangalore

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