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Southern Star,Bangalor

Available Rooms


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Air conditioning

Flat-screen TV



3 star
air port road
,Hosur Road Electronics City, Phase2,
10 AM
12 PM
1 nights
10 % Off

Just 800 m from UB City Mall, Southern Star is located on Lavelle Road in Bangalore. The hotel is 500 m from M. G. Road, Brigade Road and Cubbon Park. Offering free parking, the hotel also features a gym.

Southern Star offers guests modern rooms with air-conditioning and TV. Featuring wooden flooring, the rooms are fitted with ample workspace, a tea/coffee maker and minibar. All rooms feature a seating area while some offer a dining area. Private bathroom facilities include free toiletries, bathrobe, hairdryer and slippers.

Policies of Southern Star,Bangalor

10 AM
12 PM

Amenities of Southern Star,Bangalor

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Southern Star,Bangalor ,Hosur Road Electronics City, Phase2,, air port road

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