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Shristhi Village

Available Rooms

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5 star
white field Bangalore
1800 57 20205
1 nights

A prestigious project Shristhi Village is a venture of SLN Shristhi Projects. Design and Architecture managed end to end by Sri A Naveen Reddy,

Shristhi Village is located in Neriga -Gunjoor road, Spreads out into a beautifully landscaped area of 6 acres surrounded by teak and sliver wood trees gives you a feel of nature .

Shristhi village Resort n Events venue is professionally managed by SLN Projects headquartered in Bengaluru.

SAR Samruddhi Convention Center,
Sukriti Banquet Hall,
Resort – The Chalets,
Mehindi & Sangeet Area,
Outdoor Party Area,

Policies of Shristhi Village

Amenities of Shristhi Village

Shristhi Village is located in Neriga -Gunjoor road, Spreads out into a beautifully landscaped area of 6 acres surrounded by teak and sliver wood trees gives you a feel of nature .

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Shristhi Village 166, white field Bangalore

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