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Hotel Ivory Tower

Available Rooms

No Rooms Found
4 star
MG Road
Ashok Nagar new airport road
1800 57 20205
1 nights

Placed tantalizingly in the best part of MG Road, between Brigade Road and St.Marks Road, Bangalore, but above the bustling commercial hub is Hotel Ivory Tower. Its location on the 12th floor of Barton Centre allows an unparalleled view of the Bangalore skyline.

Hotel Ivory Tower, Bangalore, is an all-suite boutique hotel that is a secret among its regulars. Its spacious and airy suites are around 500 sqft each with an attached balcony overlooking the most breath-taking views of Bangalore. This hotel gives you affordable luxury without sacrificing on quality.

Policies of Hotel Ivory Tower

Amenities of Hotel Ivory Tower

Ideal for social and corporate gatherings, the hotel has well-appointed conference and meeting rooms backed by a host of facilities that use state-of-art technology like digital projector/screen, surround sound audio system, flip charts and white boards, ideal for a business presentations.

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Hotel Ivory Tower Ashok Nagar new airport road, MG Road

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