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Fortune Select JP Cosmos

Available Rooms

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5 star
No. 49, Behind Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Cres Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052
1.0 Km from contmnt railwaystation
1 nights
10 % Off

About Fortune Select JP Cosmos :

Fortune Select JP Cosmos – an upscale, first class, full service business hotel in Bengaluru with 134 well-appointed rooms, modern conferencing and banqueting space and a Wellness Centre with gymnasium and swimming pool is the hotel of choice for both business as well as leisure travelers.

Bangalore, recently renamed as Bengaluru is the second fastest-progressive major metropolis in India and is known as the Silicon Valley of India because of its major contribution to the nation’s IT export. Being a demographically diverse city, Bengaluru showcases the face of modern India. However, despite of the continuous urbanization Bengaluru has managed to remain unchanged by preserving its numerous beautifully laid green spaces and its striking Victorian-era architecture. Blessed with a benevolent climate, this cosmopolitan city is also known for its impressive buildings, excellent shopping and exceptional dining options.

Fortune Select JP Cosmos is situated in the heart of Bengaluru city, just off Cunningham Road behind the famous Sigma Mall, just 2 km from MG Road, 500 meters from Cantonment Railway Station with easy access to the new International Airport at Devanhalli.

Policies of Fortune Select JP Cosmos

Amenities of Fortune Select JP Cosmos

The hotel has a selection of 134 well-appointed rooms. 1 room has been specially designed for differently-abled. The spacious rooms boast of a carefully crafted blend of modern amenities and aesthetics.Rooms are provided with contemporary amenities like air conditioning, satellite television, telephone, iron/ironing board on demand, tea/coffee maker, in-room-safe, sofa units, mini bar and en suite bathrooms have hot and cold water along with essential toiletries.

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fosmios hotel

Fortune Select JP Cosmos 173, India

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