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The Park Bangalore

Available Rooms

Deluxe Double Room

Max Guests:
Max Kids:

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Superior Double Room

Max Guests:

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5 star
MG Road
14/7, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Yellappa Garden, Yellappa Chetty Layout, Sivanchetti Gardens, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042
MG Road
1 nights
  • Always enjoyed my stay with Hilton Hotel and Resorts, top class room service and rooms have great outside views and luxury assessories. Thanks for great experience.

    Lisa Kimberly
  • Always enjoyed my stay with Hilton Hotel and Resorts, top class room service and rooms have great outside views and luxury assessories. Thanks for great experience.

    Jessica Brown
  • Always enjoyed my stay with Hilton Hotel and Resorts, top class room service and rooms have great outside views and luxury assessories. Thanks for great experience.

    Lisa Kimberly

The Park, Bangalore, one of the first boutique hotels in Bangalore located at Mahatma Gandhi Road exudes luxury, sophistication and intimacy. This Bangalore Hotel provides an elevated standard of style, contemporary design and decor. The state-of-the-art technology and amenities for commerce, leisure and relaxation makes our hotel in Bengaluru an ideal choice for patrons, guests and travellers whether on business, leisure or a weekend retreat. The Park Hotel near MG road in Bangalore promises complete indulgence with its facilities, restaurants and bars – making it a preferred destination of discerning patrons looking for luxury hotels in Bangalore. Home to extravagance – The Park is a place to relax your senses and pamper yourself with the best Bangalore hotels have to offer.

Monsoon, the 24 hours restaurant exudes warmth and freshness, it serves Pan-Indian & International cuisines. Italia is acclaimed as one of the best Italian restaurants in the country and has won numerous awards. i-BAR offers an envious collection of liquors or single malts & other spirits. Aqua is a perfect lounge by the pool to set the mood. The Aura, an intimate spa is a perfect form of indulgence with treatment rooms, well equipped gym and, steam and sauna booths. The Bangalore hotel is also home to The Box, a perfect shop for keepsake gifts, carefully selected items of home accessories, jewelry, ayurvedic beauty products and designer merchandise. All this and much more at The Park in Bangalore for your inspired accommodation in Bangalore.

Policies of The Park Bangalore

Cancellation and prepayment policies vary according to room type.
Pets are allowed. Charges may apply.

Amenities of The Park Bangalore

Room Amenities:: It Offers 109 Luxuriously Furnished Rooms that are perfectly designed and crafted as per the taste of guests to make their stay relaxing and comfortable. The Rooms have been divided into several Categories, i.e., Deluxe (238 sqft 38 rooms), Deluxe Balcony (294 sqft 50 rooms) and Luxury Terrace (550 sqft 16 rooms). Each of these rooms includes facilities like mini bar, LCD, TV , Electronic Safe, Direct Dial Telephone, Hair Dryer and en- suite bathroom with modern fixtures.

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The Park Bangalore MG Road, Bangalore

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