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Boshan Hotels

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Air conditioning

Free WiFi



  • Non-refundable
3 star
Boshan Hotel, Opp- Bodgeshwar Temple, Mapusa, 403507 Mapusa,
2 PM
11 AM TO 12 PM
1 nights
9 % Off

Offering an outdoor swimming pool, Boshan Hotels is located in Bandoli. To welcome guests, it operates a 24-hour front desk. Free Wi-Fi access is available.

Air-conditioned rooms here will provide you with a flat-screen satellite TV and a balcony. There is also an electric kettle. Featuring a shower, private bathrooms also come with a hairdryer and slippers.

The Calangute Beach is 8 km from the property. The Old Goa Church and Baga Beach are within 25 km. The Mapusa Bus Station is just 100 m while the Thivim Railway Station is 19 km. The Goa International Airport is 38 km.

At Boshan Hotels you will find a bar. Other facilities offered include meeting facilities, a tour desk and luggage storage. Currency exchange and car rental can be arranged. The property offers free parking.

Policies of Boshan Hotels

2 PM
11 AM TO 12 PM

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Boshan Hotels Mapusa,, Goa

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