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Azzure By Spree Hotel

Available Rooms

3 star
Calangute goa
H.No. 2/16 A Naika Vaddo, 403516 Calangute
3 PM
12 PM
1 nights
10 % Off

Surrounded by green hills and located just 1.3 km from the famous Calangute Beach is Azzure by Spree Hotel. Just a few steps away from a night market and local dining options, it offers modern rooms, an outdoor swimming pool. Free WiFi is available hotel-wide.

Tiled rooms feature white and blue-themed decor. They are equipped with a flat-screen TV, tea and coffee-making facilities, as well as a minibar. The en suite bathroom offers a shower. 24-hour room service is available. The guests can also avail the complimentary facilities of a fitness centre in the hotel.

After a long day of sight-seeing, guests can indulge with a relaxing treatment at Azzure’s Spa Nirvaana. Other guest services include a shuttle service to Calangute Beach, which is available on request.

Policies of Azzure By Spree Hotel

3 PM
12 PM

Amenities of Azzure By Spree Hotel

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Azzure By Spree Hotel Calangute goa, Goa

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