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7lc, r6, r, 9kt, ju, gnu, wol, zw, ej, 99, oc, i, Travalos | Book Hotels, Holidays
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About Us

About Travalos


Manvith Holiday Club Pvt. Ltd offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation memberships and brings to the industry values as Reliability, Trust with Customer Satisfaction. It started in 2017, with the company’s flagship brand name“TRAVALOS”. Today it has a fast growing customer base of over 10000 members and 30+ resorts at some of the most exotic locations and 400 tourism spots in India.

Travalos with over 438 employees across the world, is also among India’s top ten holidays with interests in tour, travels, hotels, food.
By Becoming a member you can enjoy your vacation at your favorite destinations throughout the world without the thought of accommodation, restaurant or location. We complete the link between your holiday’s and the locations.

By Becoming a member you can enjoy your vacation at your favorite destinations throughout the world without the thought of accommodation, restaurant or location. We complete the link between your holiday’s and location.Make 150 Resort in good condition with good service within next 5 years.
All tourist spots in India (approx 1820 places) to add in Manvith club in next 5 years.

Domain Expertise

Manvith has established itself as a market leader in the family holiday business. The company follows a strategy that rapidly increases its bouquet of tourists to provide fantastic holiday options with world class accommodation to its members to provide rich user experience a delight at every point.

The following types of businesses appear on www.travalos.com

Why to choose us?

Why to choose us?
We cover everything at your Holiday’s. Now you are free to enjoy the best times with your family.We are completely aware of the taste and choice of places that our customers love to experience. some of our packages are custom made for you, having said that we also have a wide range of places that the customer can choose based on their budget, timelines etc.

  • Hazzle free payment options.
  • Customer safety is our top priority secure your travel with travel insurance.
  • Quality Assistance on Accomodation, Food, Booking of flights / Cruise, Reservation of Hotels etc

We are aware that the taste’s and location of our visitors are essentially different; You can choose your favorite destination according to your tasteIf you are drawn back by long travels, now you can choose your favorite alternate hobby – shopping. We reimburse your shopping expenses for a fixed amount.

Services provided :

At Travalos, we are your perfect holiday partner, who anticipates your every need. You can invest in an enjoyable and fun filled time with your family, friends or your loved ones. The recent years have seen the holiday expenses on a rapid rising; As the trend continues, you could be worried that an enjoyable holiday experience could become out-of-reach. With us you can connect with the world in the most meaningful way even during tough times.We understand everything that holds you back from a dream holiday. The membership opens the largest network of holiday destinations across the globe. Our membership perfectly covers every aspect of your holiday – Accommodation, Food, travel,sightseeing etc.With an amazing network of affiliated hotels and accommodation, you can slip into your favorite traveling experience around the globe.We bring the complete package of benefits that make a difference in your holiday program. Travalos membership unfolds world class travel experience and allows you to explore the world with no worries or hazzles. We take care of every essential expenditure, while you relax into the atmosphere. We strive to create amazing experiences that you can recall for the rest of your live’s.